The association holds and will hold regular SMEs trainings covering areas such as; Business Management, Debt Management, Entrepreneurship skills, Value Addition techniques, Agri-business technology, starting a business and other valuable technical training.

Capacity Building Forums & Workshops

Capacity building forums and workshops will majorly be sessions for members to build on existing skills, learn new skills as well as to update on any new laws governing their area of business. The sessions will be tailored depending on the need and will involve experts from parastatals as well as non-governmental organizations.

Business Expos & Trade Fairs

Business Expos and trade fairs will be held annually as they present a valuable platform for SMEs to engage, connect and network at a local, regional as well as national level. These will also enhance resource access and mobilization for SMEs especially in rural areas and small towns. The long-term goal is to have our members showcase and take part in international trade fairs and expos and reach global markets and audiences.

Business Incubation

Setting up a business incubation center in our region is our major long-term goal which we really know it will bring a very big impact in our society. As we all know that people got ideas but unfortunately they don’t know how to exploit them or maybe they don’t have needed resources or expertize to implement their viable ideas. Setting up such a center will help us to solve those issues and entrepreneurship will take an incline shape in our society.

You are welcome to connect with other businesses and network.