About Us

To be the most creative, interactive and enriching SME Association.
Discover and Link Business Association is a business association registered under the Societies Act and accredited by MSEA (Micro and Small Enterprises Authority)

whose objective is to promote, link and create sustainable and strategic partnerships for SME business development and growth. The Association was borne from the need of SMEs located in rural and small towns to have representation, a platform to network as well as an avenue through which they can access key resources for their businesses. Membership to the Discover and Link Business Association is open to startups, any individuals owning or running a Small and Medium Enterprise in Kenya and organizations operating in Kenya classified as SMEs. The major activities of the association are training and capacity building forum /workshops, business expos and trade fairs as well business incubation.


.i. To create a platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to network and interact for mutual benefit.
ii. To actively scout for and where necessary facilitate and link Small and Medium Enterprises to local, regional and international opportunities
through collaborations and partnerships.
iii. To ease the sharing of information, knowledge and best practices between the members and forge close linkages between them and other stakeholders.
iv. To create sustainable and strategic partnerships with key institutions, corporate organizations and relevant parastatals working in the Small and
Medium Enterprises sector and space. v. To promote the use and adaptation of new business technologies in the SME sector.

vi. To facilitate capacity building, professional development, networking and partnerships, compliance and protection to its Members through
training, local, regional and international business trade fairs as well as workshops in their efforts to develop their businesses.
vii. To set up a localized business incubation center to enhance SME growth in small or rural towns.
viii. To identify and mobilize youths in agribusiness, link and provide networks for financing and markets for growth opportunities.

To promote entrepreneurship, link and support the sustainability and growth of businesses through training, creation of networking platforms and strategic partnerships